The Ultimate Guide to Skirting Boards

In the spirit of helping you achieve your home's revamping adventures with ease, we've put together our very own guide to skirting boards. With so many things to take care of when planning a building or renovation project, it's not just a matter of pointing your finger at a product -and swiping your card! Read more..


Different types of MDF skirting boards – Choosing by finish and profile

Skirting boards may go unnoticed many times but, as you'd know, 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,' and that also applies to the interior finishes of your home. Pay attention and start noting how everywhere you go, walls and floors are joint by these thin panels all along. This is not just for the looks, but also for protecting your walls' surfaces and junctures. Read more..


Top 10 Skirting Boards Profiles

We bet you that if you got here, it's because you need a bit of a roundup on the different types of skirting boards profiles. And good on you! Trying to get the lingo right can definitely give you an edge when you need to come face to face with your interior designer, builder, or yourself in the mirror -if you are kind of a DIY pal or gal! Read more..


Torus Skirting Board: All Your Questions Answered

Planning your next DIY-reno and need to figure out the right skirting board profile for your home? If you are after a widely used staple around the UK, then consider a Torus Skirting Board as your ally! Read more..


Ogee Skirting Boards Profiles, also called Regency, still remain as darlings of the construction industry. Widely used when revamping Victorian houses, this style is also a top fit for modern interiors calling for a dash of luxury. Read more..

3 Alternatives to skirting boards

Are you designing a brand new nest and feel it's time to shake things up a little in terms of style? Skirting boards are key for protecting your walls and flooring junctions from scratches and dents caused by the normal wear of your home. Read more..


How to Paint Skirting Boards: A Step by Step Guide

Painting skirting boards may not be the first use of your time that comes to mind but, actually, it's a job that can really enhance the look of your home! If you've already decided this needs done, and are looking for a guide to show you how to paint skirting boards, then you've come to the right place. Read more..


How to Remove Skirting Boards

Though the idea of removing skirting boards seems relatively simple, it’s important to know how to do so without damaging the plaster or the walls! There may be a number of reasons calling out for a change like general home renovations, worn surfaces, or a new decorative style. In any case, it's important to understand the steps, which is why we've put together this handy guide to show you the whole process! Read more..


How to Clean Your Skirting Boards Properly

Like any other piece of furniture, a skirting board requires basic maintenance to prevent it from looking worn out, old, or worst of all – dirty. Whether you’ve got these made from mahogany, solid oak or any other type of material, they will all need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they continue to look great and stay in good condition. Read more..


How to Scribe Skirting Boards: A DIY Guide to Fitting Internal Corners

If you've been planning to fit your new skirting boards yourself, then it's essential to get the full scope of what's involved in this process, so you can get the job done seamlessly! In this DIY quick guide, we'll share with you how to scribe skirting boards to fit interior corners, and also how to scribe them to match your floors! Read more..


Coloured Skirting Boards: Trends and Ideas for Your Home

Obviously, we love skirting boards. They’re literally in our name. But even we have to admit that skirting boards haven’t always been at the sharp end of interior design. So how come that in the past few years coloured skirting boards became a trend? Read more..


How to Get Paint Out of Carpet: A Full Stain Removal Guide

Have you been playing around painting your window sills, walls, or skirting boards? Even if you've taken all the necessary precautions, your beloved carpet may end up suffering the consequences of your latest DIY project! We don't blame you. We know how great it feels to get hands-on, which is why we've created this guide with our top tips, tricks, and hacks on how to get paint out of your carpet. Ready for some stain removal action? Read more..


The Ultimate Guide to Window Sills

Windows have been around pretty much since humans began building. As a feature allowing light and air circulation, primitive windows were merely small openings in the walls. However, as centuries went by and technology evolved, windows became one of the most dominant elements of a build, both at a structural and a visual level. And that, of course, includes window sills! Read more..


Choosing the Perfect Internal Window Sills

Window sills - also known as window ledges and window boards- haven't come to be just to hold plants, candles and cute photos! Each part of a window has a purpose that keeps some of your home's structural features safe and in good shape. But before we dive right into all you need to know for choosing your home's internal window sills, let's get back to basics. Read more..


How to Fit a Window Sill

Window sills are an integral part of any window. As well as protecting the wall beneath from rain and condensation, and in turn preventing rot and mould, they add beauty, style and value to a property. Read more..


Top 10 Window Sill Ideas and Decor Styles

Often overlooked, window sills hold huge potential to create ambience and complement your home's interiors. The best part? You don't need to invest a whole lot if you don't want to. All that's required is a bit of imagination. And that's what we'll bring you today! In this article, we are sharing with you our Top 10 Window Sill Ideas, based on decor styles and sensations to set the tone… Read more..


How to replace an interior window sill

The most common reason for replacing a window sill is the usual tear and wear surfaces suffer due to use and weather. Moulded and rotten wood may not come as a surprise after years and, as we said before, cosmetic repairs can increase the value on a property. Read more..


The Ultimate Guide to Architrave Profiles and Interior Design Styles

Architraves have been around for thousands of years. As quite a visual feature present in every home, these pieces of moulding have huge decorative potential as they can quite, literally, 'dress' your interiors. Read more..


What Are Architraves? An Essential Guide

It's true that in the building and carpentry world the pros tend to use different terms to describe things that, to most humans, would be the exact same. Still, when it comes to the question 'what are architraves?' we feel the need to get right in and share with you the nuts and bolts of these fundamental pieces of moulding. Read more..


Top 3 Architrave Profiles Styles

Picking the right architrave profile for your doors and windows will either enhance your interiors greatly or simply add that 'extra touch' around your home's openings. Read more..


Fitting Architrave - Step by Step DIY Guide

Fitting architrave around doors and windows is a task any dedicated DIY-er can easily take on! It doesn't necessarily require fancy tools and, even though you need to pay attention to measures and details, it's really not a complicated job. Read more..


5 Advantages of MDF Mouldings

Likely, all your home's architraves, skirting boards, window sills, and even cabinets, are made of MDF! You may have known this for ages, more so if you are a DIY-reno kind of folk. But still, are you aware of the advantages of MDF mouldings and its properties? Read more..


5 Interior Design Wall Panelling Ideas for Your Next House Renovation

This decor feature, deemed as dreary after its peak back in the '70s, has now become a new house-reno favourite. Check out these top 5 in-trend wall panelling ideas and enhance your interiors in style! Read more..


5 Top Benefits of Wall Panelling

Adding an extra layer of style, grace and functionality to your house can be as easy as installing wall panelling. With many advantages to account for, this beautiful trend has made quite the comeback. In this quick guide, you'll learn the top 5 benefits of wall panelling, so you can join the homeowners around the UK now signing up for some fancy wall-action. Read more..


How to Panel a Wall - Your Easy DIY Guide

This easy guide to understanding how to panel a wall in a few easy steps will make your next DIY project a whole lot easier. Keep reading and learn the tools you need, and the steps to getting the job done quickly -and neatly! Read more..


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