Fixing and decorating instructions

Fitting and Decorating

The Skirting Board Shop products are quick and easy to install. All products should be stored in dry, well ventilated conditions. All products are moisture resistant but not waterproof, so should not be left outside or in wet conditions.

All products are entirely suitable for internal use in new build or refurbishment. New plasterwork must be dry prior to fixing the products.

For some simple help fitting our products, see our guides:

You can also download the instructions and advice provided below in this handy PDF guide. 

Health and Safety

We would recommend the use of dust control equipment when cutting, drilling or sawing products. We would also recommend wearing face masks, eye protection and working within a well ventilated area.

Cutting Products

All products should be cut using a fine toothed saw.

External Joints

External joints should always be mitred.

Internal Joints

Internal corners can also be mitred, however they can also be joined by scribing the end of one piece of skirting to the shape of the face of the adjoining skirting.


Skirting can be fixed to the wall using a gap filling adhesive. If screw fixing is required, drill and countersink the skirting, then fix with a screw of appropriate length. To cover the screw head, fill with a non-water based shrink resistant filler.

Architraves are often fitted using a combination of gap filling adhesive and lost head nails. We would not recommend cross nailing. Nail heads can be filled using a non-water based shrink resistant filler.

Fixing Veneered products

Veneered skirting boards can be fixed to the wall with a gap filling adhesive. Should the skirting boards require screws to fit the product, oak pellets can be used to cover the screw head. Pellets are 12mm in diameter and require a counter bore to be drilled.

Architraves can be fitted using a gap filling adhesive but may also require securing with lost head nails. The head of the nail can be filled over with a coloured wood filler.

Fixing wrapped products

All wrapped products can be fixed using a gap filling adhesive.

Need more help cutting and fixing your architrave? Watch our helpful video.

Decorating and Finishing

MDF products, unlike timber, require minimal preparation and decorating.

Primed products

White primed products are supplied ready primed and only require a light sand, undercoat and gloss finish. Standard gloss from any DIY chain can be used.

Veneered Products

Veneered products should be treated like timber. We would not recommend using water based stains or finishes. For the best results: use wax, Danish oil or acrylic lacquer. Varnishing or lacquering veneered products may darken them in colour. Due to the veneers being a natural product some colour variations may occur in the lengths.

Wrapped product

Wrapped products are supplied ready decorated.

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