About the Material

All our products are manufactured using Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This is an engineered wood product manufactured using timber residuals, often the forest thinnings. These are made into wood fibres and mixed with resin binders, which in turn use high temperatures and pressures to produce the MDF boards.

The large boards are put through the factory process to cut them to size and mould the profile, then finished with either a white primer, fine timber veneer or a foil/paper wrap.

We do supply a small amount of products manufactured from chipboard, which is sometimes described as particle board. It is manufactured by compressing small pieces of wood with glue.

Choosing Your Style

We offer a huge variety of choice to suit every taste...

  • White primed mouldings are ready for finishing with an undercoat and gloss.
  • Veneered mouldings have the same look and feel as timber but can be decorated using a lacquer or wood stain. Veneered Mouldings are an MDF core wrapped with a fine Timber Veneer.

Or, to make it really simple... 

  • Foil wrapped mouldings are ready to fix and do not require any decorating at all! Mouldings are a MDF core wrapped in a fine paper wrap.

Choosing Your Size

All our sizes are shown in millimetres and meters. Product sizes represent Thickness (mm) x Width (mm) x Length (mtr).

All sizes shown are Finished sizes (actual size of the product).

Check out our handy conversion guide to help with sizes, or use the product calculator on each product page to estimate how much you will require for your room.

Please note, our calculator and conversion chart are to be used for guidance only, and we would recommend that you add an amount of product to your order for cutting and wastage. The Skirting Board Shop will not be held responsible for mistakes on quantities ordered.

Our Environmental Commitment

The Skirting Board Shop ensures all products are sourced from responsible FSC certified suppliers, to ensure sustainability in the environment.

Colour Variations

Due to the veneers being a natural product, some colour variation may occur in the lengths.