Choosing the Perfect Internal Window Sills

Window sills - also known as window ledges and window boards- haven't come to be just to hold plants, candles and cute photos! Each part of a window has a purpose that keeps some of your home's structural features safe and in good shape. But before we dive right into all you need to know for choosing your home's internal window sills, let's get back to basics.

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What is a window sill? 

In a few short words, a window sill is the horizontal, flat piece of wood or MDF that sits overhanging at the bottom of the window frame inside your home or apartment.


Are window sills, window boards, and window ledges the same?

The main difference some people draw is that these terms interchangeably refer to either interior or exterior window sills -or cills. That's why it's worth to specify if these are going to be either inside or outside the house.


Are interior window sills necessary?

Even though exterior window sills steal the show when it comes to functionality and keeping the water out, your internal window boards also have a game to play! An internal window sill helps prevent water from slipping in through window gaps and can also keep the rain off the floor. 

It's also quite usual to have walls with interiors thicker than the windows, hence a window board will help balance the weight and protect the wall from scratches -and add to the overall strength of a window's structure.

When it comes to design and decoration, ample window boards can help create shelves and enhance the interiors of your home.


The benefits of MDF window boards

There are many materials used for window sills and boards, however, the benefits of weather-proof Medium-Density Fiberboard mouldings make it a top choice. 

MDF doesn't expand or bend with temperature changes, and it endures moist and water without losing consistency. This means that you get an affordable, smooth piece of moulding that will last for years. 

MDF Streamlines the process of choosing window sills for the whole house as you can use it in every single room -including bathrooms and kitchen!


Choosing Internal Window Sills 

There are different things involved here, but you mainly want to match your boards with the overall style of your home, windows trims, and architraves! Many homeowners choose decorative trims to increase property value when others go minimalist and add as little extras as possible. Decide if you want to create contrast, add warmth with wood-like textures, enhance the character of your interiors, or even create a bench where to sit and relax by the window!

If you are painting your interiors and feel like they could use a bit of colour, a white primed window sill would be a great choice as it comes ready to be painted.

For modern, open spaces in need of a touch of warmth, you can create a sitting area or a wide shelve with a light wooden texture. To achieve the look, choose a 244 mm American White Oak Veneer window board.

Mahogany Foil Wrapped window sill will give your home the elegant and stylish final touches to complement darker wooden interiors -without breaking the bank! Plus, it needs no finish, so you can just set-it-and-forget-it. Easy as.


Fitting or replacing a window sill

By now, you'd be ready to pick the best window board for your house. Of course, if you'll go DIY with this, make sure to follow our expert advice on how to fit a window sill.


Painting internal window sills

As the Skirting Board Shop is ready to help you achieve the best results, grab paint and brush and follow our guide to all you need to know to paint a window sill. 



The Skirting Board Shop Top Tip!

If you are going to change the whole window, keep in mind this will add complexity to the task at hand -accuracy and precision are very important here, so always consult with an expert.


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