Video Guide – How To Cut and Fix Your Architrave To A Doorframe

Architrave is a stylish addition to any home, complimenting skirting boards and enhancing the look of door and window frames. Our architraves are available in both modern designs and classic finishes, helping you to match both contemporary and traditional décor.

Fixing architrave to a doorframe is really simple, and can easily done by yourself. To avoid a DIY disaster though, just watch our short video on how to cut and fix your architraves and follow these simple steps:

1. Mitre your architrave if it isn’t pre-cut

If you’re cutting your architrave, make sure you use a mitred saw to safely and accurately cut the angles. You should have measured the length you need, and cut two mitred legs and a mitred head piece, ready to fit together.

At The Skirting Board Shop we provide architrave pre-cut to size, making the fixing and installation even easier.

2. Mark out the edge of door lining

Before placing the architrave, mark out the edges of the door lining. It should sit 10-15mm from the edge of the door.

3. Nail the legs at the top first

Position the two legs at either side of the door, ready to be nailed in place. Hold one leg up to the door, lining it up with the markings. Nail this in place at the top. The fixing should be nailed through the lower part of the architrave.

Let this hang in place as you hold up the opposite leg, and nail this to the wall at the top again. You can now nail the leg in place all the way down the markings, with nails going through in the middle, the lower part, and at the bottom of the frame.

4. Glue the mitred joints

Return to the top of the legs, and add a dab of glue to both of the mitred joints. Strong adhesive will help hold the head in place.

5. Fix the architrave head in place

Lastly, all you need to do is line up the head piece on top of each of the mitred joints, fix it into position.

The result should be a neat mitred joint. You can then nail the head in place all the way along the top piece of architrave, and then you’re all finished!

If you need any more help or advice on fixing your architrave, simply get in touch with our support team on 0800 048 0786, or email us at