Square & Grooved Architrave

Square and grooved architraves are further styles that are often seen in a multitude of modern and contemporary interior design projects. Popular with both homeowners and tradespeople, grooved architrave provides a crisp, clean finish. The groove in the architrave can also be lined up perfectly with square groove skirting board too, to create a seamless look around the entire border of your room. The Skirting Board Shop provides square grooved architrave in a selection of sizes, all of which come primed and ready to fit.

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Square & Grooved 18mm x 68mm x 2.440 Mtr Primed
18 mm 68 mm 2.440
£8.58 £7.15

2.93 Per Metre Excl. VAT

Square & Grooved 18mm x 144mm x 2.440 Mtr Primed
18 mm 144mm 2.440
£16.08 £13.40

5.49 Per Metre Excl. VAT

2 Items