Square & Grooved Skirting Boards

Square & Grooved profile is a Modern skirting board. Modern skirtings tend to have minimal detailing and be smaller in size. The aim of contemporary design is often to create a slick and clean look with a muted colour palette, but you may prefer to make a real statement by combining brightly coloured walls and skirting boards.

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Square & Grooved 18mm x 68mm x 2.440 Mtr Primed
18 mm 68 mm 2.440
£8.58 £7.15

2.93 Per Metre Excl. VAT

Square & Grooved 18mm x 144mm x 2.440 Mtr Primed
18 mm 144mm 2.440
£16.08 £13.40

5.49 Per Metre Excl. VAT

2 Items