Torus KOTA Fully Finished

18mm X 68mm X 4.400m

No Need to Paint! KOTA is fully factory finished with a unique polymer coating to create interior mouldings with a smooth and silky, ready-painted finish.

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KOTA is a Fully Finished, durable, colour consistent and free from harmful VOCs. No need to paint, so saves time and money. Simple 3 step installation. Kota is manufactured using patented technology from Eastman Cerfis - contact us for a free sample!
Fitting Instructions
Simple 3 step installation: 1. Apply KOTA FIX adhesive to the reverse face of the product and press against a clean dry wall, and allow time to cure. 2. Apply KOTA FILL to joints and gaps. Wipe away excess using a cloth. 3. Use KOTA FINISH wax crayon to fill any small nail holes.