Generation Renovation Case Study

As part of our Generation Renovation campaign, we caught up with a couple who recently bought a house in need of renovation. Read on to find out about why they chose to renovate, the challenges they’ve faced and advice they’d give to anyone about to embark on a renovation project.

What prompted you to invest in a house that needed renovation?

We wanted to buy a large property in a particular area. We decided that a challenge would be good, and an ideal way to create our dream home, meaning we wouldn’t need to move again!


When you were house-hunting, what were the main things you looked out for when viewing a new property?

Size, location and potential to extend if we needed to. For example, we wanted the potential for a loft conversion. We also wanted a low-maintenance garden.


Is there a process you’ve been following to refurbish your home?

We have focused on the rooms we’ll spend the most time in first, so our priorities were the kitchen, living room and main bedroom.


In terms of interior design, what sort of style have you decided to adopt, and which materials are important for creating this look?

We want the house to be bright, but not too modern looking. For example, we have gone for a country-style kitchen. For this we wanted lots of natural light, so we put in patio doors where there was previously a window.


What sort of skirting boards are currently installed in your home?

We previously had pencil skirting boards, which we have removed to put in replacement skirting boards that fit in with our preferred style.


Are you more likely to choose a wrapped skirting board, which doesn’t require further decoration, or would you prefer a white primed or veneered skirting board, so you can finish them yourselves?

We’d probably choose a wrapped skirting board, depending on how much it would cost.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

We discovered there was a supporting beam in the kitchen, so we had to re-design the whole room. This meant we were living with no kitchen for 10 weeks!


And the biggest success?

The finished kitchen and dining room. In the end, it turned out exactly as we had in mind.

How long do you think it will take to complete the renovation?

We have a target of 12 months!


What advice would you give to someone at the beginning of their renovation project?

Ensure you have access to a range of tradesmen. We had a great builder who has done our work and recommend other tradesmen when needed.

Also, try and complete one room at a time…something that’s easier said than done. It’s nice to have one finished room, so you can close the door on all the chaos!


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