Handy Hints – Adjustable Door Casings explained

Handy Hints

Our Adjustable Door Lining Veneers explained ………….

The casing sets has three components, two jambs (or legs to go either side of the door) and a head piece (for above the door)

Door casing diagram

Each jamb has a trench machined into it at the top, into which the head component will slot before the components are screwed together.

The head piece is supplier over length to suit imperial door widths upto 864mm and can be cut down to the length required using one simple saw cut. One head size will suit a range of imperial door width.

The jambs are supplied to suit imperial door heights of 1981mm, allowing 2mm clearance for the door to open at the top and 18mm clearance at the bottom.

Whilst most competent DIYers can successfully install door framing material, we generally recommend that customers enlist help from a joiner for the best results.