Skirting Board – sometimes called a baseboard. These mouldings go around the lowest part of the wall to cover the joint between the floor and the wall. View our skirting board.


Architrave – Architrave is the moulding which frames the door. Jambs refer to the two upright sections. The Head is the section at the top joining the two jambs (as diagram)

Architrave with labels


Window sill – can also be called a window board. The moulding on the lowest part of the window. The Skirting board Shop’s window sills are only suitable for internal use.

Door Casing – Door casing is the frame with which the door sits into. A door casing is manufactured with a rebate to house the door.

Door lining – A door lining does the same job as a door casing but comes as 2 separate pieces. A square section to line the opening for the door and a separate door stop to create the rebate to house the door.